Neglecting leaking ductwork can result in a twenty to thirty percent loss of conditioned air, adding up to sizable costs.  With a quick, safe, and affordable procedure, the experts from Gruter Heating & Air Conditioning properly seal leaks and holes throughout the duct system.  There’s no need to tear down walls to access hidden ductwork, no chance of damage, and no giant mess.  Aeroseal duct sealing has been proven five times more effective than insulating, and twice as effective as new window installation.  Benefits include lower monthly energy bills, greater comfort, healthier air quality, a cleaner home, and less workload for heating and cooling equipment to handle.  Contact Gruter Heating & Air Conditioning at 513-677-3555 for Aeroseal duct sealing in Mason, OH and surrounding areas, and our licensed specialists will handle the rest.

Save Energy with Professional Duct Sealing

Gruter Heating & Air Conditioning begins by blocking off registers.  UL tested polymer particles are injected into the ducts for approximately one hour.  Escaping air is put under pressure, causing particles to speed up, collide, and with no place to go except out through the leaks, the sealant material adheres along the edges of holes and cracks.  This patented and EPA approved process seals holes up to one-inch in diameter.  Progress is measured via a computer and sensors. A thorough report and certificate are printed on the spot to provide a record of improvement.

With innovative Aeroseal duct sealing technology, you’ll enjoy many benefits!

Aeroseal duct sealing eliminates the labor-intensive process of locating leaks one by one.  It provides a proven solutions to otherwise inaccessible sections of ductwork.  Contact Gruter Heating & Air Conditioning for further information and convenient appointment times.  Our NATE-certified technicians create comfortable, energy-efficient homes across Maineville, South Lebanon, Loveland Park, Landen, Loveland, Morrow, Lebanon, and Mason, OH.

Why worry about leaking air ducts?

  • Higher energy bills – When cooled or heated air escapes through leaks in ductwork, your HVAC system requires more energy to maintain temperature settings.
  • HVAC wear and tear – Leaks in the ducts forces cooling/heating equipment to run longer and more frequently, putting greater stress on components.
  • Restricted airflow – Flaws in the ductwork draw contaminants into the system, causing a buildup of debris, which then blocks proper airflow.
  • Polluted indoor air quality – When unconditioned air is drawn into the ductwork, fumes, dust, mold, bacteria, and contaminants are then introduced into the home.
  • Clogged air filters – As contaminated air is pulled in, air filters clog more quickly and require more frequent replacement.
  • Diminished Comfort – As conditioned air escapes, and outside air enters, the result is often hot and cold spots throughout the home.
  • Backdrafting – Unsafe conditions can be caused by “Backdrafting” of combustion gases (such as carbon monoxide).